Minecraft TF2 Server

 Welcome to the official page of Minecraft TF2 Server created by MatthewTee!

WE HAVE A SECOND WEBPAGE! GO TO sites.google.com/site/minecrafttf2server/  AND CHECK IT OUT!

To start playing, you would need Minecraft. Click here to download now! 

Please note: You can have the voice chat add-on, click here to download it.

Minecraft TF2 Server Trailer

Basic Questions
What is TF2?
TF2 stands for Team Fortress 2, it is another computer game.
TF2 is a game where has several modes and 9 different classes such as the Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper and Spy.

Visit  http://www.teamfortress.com  for more information.

Why on Minecraft?
Since I love both games, I decided to make one server.

How can you help?
You can help by looking at the Bugs and Glitches page and post some bugs or glitches you have found in our server so that we can improve our server.

Seen a hacker?
If you seen a hacker, and want to report him/her? Please go to our Bugs and Glitches page and post under the Hacker Report forum and put his/her username there. I will see how that person plays.


Server Status

Online Status: Offline

*The online status above is not correct so don't use it.

Server IP: minecraftkm.ole32.com:25565

Max. Players: 100

*If you use the IP above, you don't need to use the ones below.

Alternate Server IP: 

Hamachi Network ID: Minecraft TF2

Hamachi Network Password: None

*If there is no space in our Hamachi group, please use our normal server Hamachi group, MinecraftLANNETWORK:

Hamachi Network ID: MinecraftLANNETWORK

Hamachi Network Password:                        445566

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